“He is an excellent double-bass player, who is sought after especially as a member of ensambles of authentic interpretation, as well as ensambles playing contemporary, jazz, folk, and experimental music. He is well known for his player’s skill, musicality and quality of sound expression. As a solo player, Mr. Krigovsky shows pure, temperamental, and technically perfect play.” (Vladimir The lexicon of the Slovak concentral Art II)

As a solo player and chamber music player on G-violon, Vienna violon, violin, and chello, he has collaborated with many ensambles specializing in old music: Wiener Accademie (Martin Haselböck), Ars Antiqua Austria (Gunar Letzbor), La Cetra Basel (Ciara Banchini), Capriccio Basel, Freitags Accademie Bern, Royal      Orquestra Catalunia (Jordi Savall), Collegium Marianum Praha (Jana Semerádová), Collegium 1704 Prague (Václav Luks), La Fioritta Basel, Freiburg Barock Orchester, an international association Octet Ampion (it won the 1st prize at the competition of classistics Instruments in Netherlands, 2003). He performed at various concert halls, such as Musikverein Wien, Konzerthaus Wien, Brucknerhaus Linz, Jaroslavska Philharmonie, Casino Basel, KKL Luzern, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Concert hall of F. Liszt Budapest, Rudolphinum Prague, Schwetzingen theatre and others. He introduced himself as a solo player and as a member of the chamber esambles at the prominent festivals in Slovakia (BHS, The days of an old music Bratislava and Košice, The music spring of Košice, Me los-Étos, Pohoda, Piestany music festival); and abroad as well: The music spring of Prague, Wiener Festspielwochen, Salzburger Festspielwochen, Festspielwochen in Munich, at the festivals of and old music in Italy (Cremona, Roma, Pizza), Austria (Linz, Innsbruck), Swizterland (Basel, Zürich, Bern), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Strassburg, Schwetzingen), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Den Haag) and in Spain (Barcelona). As a chamber music player and solo player he recorded for recording companies, such as Slovak edition, Supraphon, and various radios and television: CPO, WDR, NDR, ZDF, Winter&Winter (German), ORF, ORF1, Challenge Records, Institut  fuer Tyroler Musikforschung Innsbruck (Austrian), and then Pan Classics and Arcana Records (French), Symfonia (Italian). He also plays the violin, viola, chello, acordeaon, shepherd’s pipe, pipes, cymbal, piano and he also sings.

He taught at Conservatory in Žilina, Conservatory of D. Kardoš in Topolčany, Church conservatory in Bratislava, Masaryk University in Brno and Janaček academy in Brno and since 2002 he has been teaching at Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. He brought up, influenced and built a basis of excellent double-bass players in Slovakia, such as R. Patkoló, V. Žatko, J. Prievozník, F. Jaro, R. Uhlíková, and others. Ján Krigovský regularly teaches at master classes in Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Brasil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexico. In 2010 Ján Krigovský founded Slovak Double Bass Club together with his students. The club consists of about 160 members. During its existance the Club organized master courses – BassFest+ (Banská Bystrica), international double-bass competition in the name of C. D. von Dittersdorf and hundreds of concerts. Since 2012 he founded his own ensable Collegium Wartberg