Collegium Wartberg Dance Company

Project description

Collegium Wartberg Dance Company combines young girls who graduated from dance department at the dance school in Senec. They continued with their activities in dance ensambles in Bratislava such a group of a modern dance Bralen, FS Technik, TS Setas etc. Their interest has fully developed in projects with foreign dance groups, dance directors as a Maria Mulbacher where they collaborated on the project Georg Daniel Speer and his piece Turkish Eulenspiegel. With these programs they presented in world music centres such as Wienerkonzerthaus , Brucknerhaus Linz ,Norimberg National Kunst Museum, in Senec and Ivanka pri Dunaji.

Collegium Wartberg

Collegium Wartberg is a civic organization, which voluntarily brings together professional soloists, musicians, singers, dancers and members of the Slovak as well as foreign orchestras and music ensembles, also buffs and enthusiasts with an interest in jazz and other musical genres. The founder of the Collegium Wartberg is renowned double bassist Jan Krigovsky. Collegium Wartberg cooperates with many Slovak and foreign artists and ensembles. Collegium played in several European countries and USA, in concert halls such as Konzerthaus Wien, Brucknerhaus Linz, Slovak Philharmonic. They recorded for Slovak Television, TV LUX, ORF and the Czech Television.