Project description

That Vivaldi‘s Four Seasons is most famous Vivaldi piece is well known to everybody, probably even to less educated listener, too. The basic reason why we connected baroque interpretation with early jazz- bluegrass music of 19th century is their archaic influence on the evolution of new ways of interpretations of music artistic movements. Baroque music without a doubt has influence on contemporary music, too.

Dalibor Karvay and Stano Paluch are musicians, who, with their art, have extended borders of Slovak music culture to stages worldwide. Under the leadership of Jan Krigovsky, a stage gets filled with miscellaneous and interesting musical performances.


Collegium Wartberg

Collegium Wartberg is a civic organization, which voluntarily brings together professional soloists, musicians, singers, dancers and members of the Slovak as well as foreign orchestras and music ensembles, also buffs and enthusiasts with an interest in jazz and other musical genres. The founder of the Collegium Wartberg is renowned double bassist Jan Krigovsky. Collegium Wartberg cooperates with many Slovak and foreign artists and ensembles. Collegium played in several European countries and USA, in concert halls such as Konzerthaus Wien, Brucknerhaus Linz, Slovak Philharmonic. They recorded for Slovak Television, TV LUX, ORF and the Czech Television.